T-Shirt Colors

You may have noticed the logo on the masthead of our KVC website.  This week we’ll be adding that to a lighted sign out front.   Brooks Signs in Kennett is doing that for us, and he’s also getting into the T-shirt business.  He’s got a giant ink-jet printer that prints textile ink directly on the cloth (rather than making transfers and ironing them on).  If you can send him a jpeg file, he can put it on a T-shirt.  I thought the logo might look good on a T-shirt and he made up some for me.  I may wind up getting some of each color as we’re not getting a consensus from staff and family on which one everybody likes best.

3shirts_2 If you have a strong opinion (on the shirt, I mean), or just think you might be interested in a shirt, leave me a comment. 

I don’t think we’ll wear these on "casual Friday", but they’ll be fine for the gym.  They might be a good recognition item for pets who are exceptionally good at the doctor’s office (have to get some really tiny ones for that, though).

Of course, if nobody wants one but me, then I’ve got the complete set for fashionable gym-wear.

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