Venting, ranting and raving? No, not so much.

There's an old cowboy saying: "Don't tell people about your troubles.  Half of them don't care, and the other half are glad you've got them." 

On the other hand, if somebody actually asks, "How are you?", you could pretend that they actually want to know.  Instead of replying with a perfunctory, "Fine, how are you?", you could take it as an excuse to rattle on about your bad back.

I'm pretty bad to complain while things are going wrong, as opposed to suffering in silence. Unless. of course, it's a Scout function: "A Scout is cheerful." 

A long rant on the blog would undermine my warm, fuzzy, sage professional image.  If I were going to vent, though, this would be the weekend.

Happy trails.

3 thoughts on “Venting, ranting and raving? No, not so much.

  1. Doc says:

    Hello, Christina,

    I have no real problems compared to a lot of people. I just had an overworked weekend with a lot of aggravating situations that just weren’t necessary. Patients who could have been seen during regular hours easily, patients who were severely ill because they hadn’t received puppy checkups and vaccinations. Basically I worked all weekend instead of getting to chill out a little. No biggy.

    Thanks for reading and writing.

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