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Why have a static website (as opposed to a blog)?  It’s sort of like why you’d have a Yellow Pages ad instead of just writing a book about yourself.  Lots of people are not looking for "me" or what I think; they are looking for "a veterinarian in Kennett".  IF they want to know more about me, then they can link to the blog.

The internet has pervaded our lives to the extent that most people who have the resources to care for a pet also have internet access.  People with regular internet access "google" before they "let their fingers do the walking".  That’s why I launched last year.  It was a little funky and hard to navigate, though.  Then my internet-savvy guru, Steve Mays, suggested Steve Krug‘s book Don’t Make Me Think. It’s not a big book, which is good, because before I was through the first chapter I could see that I needed to totally re-design the website.  If it were a thick book, I might have just given up in despair.  Since it’s a thin book, I read it all and redesigned the website.

So, if you looked at before November 29, take another look.  If you never looked at it in the first place, take a look anyway.  The information is pretty much the same, but it should be a lot easier to find now. I think it looks better, too. 

1 thoughts on “Website Update at

  1. Sandy Young says:

    Dear Doc,
    I take great joy in your
    website. You are a special
    Vet, with a special personality. I think of the office fondly as I try to decide about another loving pet. My best wishes to all and especially to you.
    Sandy Young

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