What a difference a year makes.

One year ago, the Ice Storm of Aught-Nine was moving in.  Today, the temperature was in the mid fifties.  Of course, the prettiest part of the day, with the most sunshine, and the least wind, was between 10:30AM and noon — i.e. church time.  Coincidentally, Don Rollins, the guru of the Docs-a-Cyclin' veterinary motorcycle gang, emailed me a list of "Things my motorcycle taught me" today.  My favorite?  "I'd rather be on my motorcycle thinking about God than in church thinking about my motorcycle."  Ain't it the truth, brother? 

As consolation, we had a great anthem in church today.  I love Haydn, and we sang a real rouser: "The Heavens are Telling" (the glory of God).  As another consolation, the weather was still decent this afternoon.  I intended to see my CASA cases (two different towns now).  Contacting them by phone is iffy, so I usually just drop in at a semi-regular time.  Missed them both today, BUT I was on the motorcycle instead of in the mini-van, so the I enjoyed 90 minutes and 50 miles of soul-freeing flight (instead of a wasted afternoon).

Lots of N.C. Wyeth type cumulus clouds today.  It was a little dark and cool underneath them (and occasionally a little sprinkly), but beautiful when you were in the sun and seeing them in the distance.  May this be a harbinger of a great year to come.

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