When I grow up…

When I was young, my beloved Aunt Jo gave us The Tall Book of Make-Believe.  It is a perfectly wonderful book of stories and poems, illustrated by Garth Williams.  We wore it out, literally reading it to pieces.

When my children were young, Aung Jo sent them a Tall Book, as well.  Here is one of my favorite poems.  Unlike most of my discourses, it is short and sweet.

"When I grow up When I Grow Up", by Marchette Chute.

When I grow up, I'll carry a stick and be very dignified, I'll have a watch that will really tick, My house will be tall and made of brick, And no one will guess that it's just a trick, And I'm really myself inside.

I recently turned fifty-five.  I have the stick, but rarely carry it.  I have the watch, and carry it every day (can't stand a wrist-watch).  My house is pretty tall, but no bricks.   I don't know whether the trick is working, because I'm not always very dignified.  Somebody might guess that I'm really myself inside.  Maybe I'll be more dignified when I grow up.

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