Whoa! He didn’t like that!

"Whoa! He didn’t like that!" says Fluffy’s owner, when Fluffy [not his real name] has just experienced some singularly unpleasant invasion of privacy — most commonly a rectal thermometer, or rectal examination.  I suppose that when our loved ones are distressed (just as at a funeral) we feel compelled to say something, simply to show that we noticed and that we care.  The thing that always gets me is the note of surprise that invariably colors this exclamation.  "Did you think that he would?", I ask.  And if he did, what would you think then?  Indeed, what might you say in response?  Personally, I might be tempted to get a new dog. 

It reminds me of the journal of one of the first explorers of the Grand Canyon.  "If I had a dog who would sleep where I made my own bed last night, I would shoot him and bury him in an unmarked grave."

The first time that I experienced this indignity on my own person, the physician remarked that "It is more blessed to give than to receive."  Hey, don’t quit your day job, pal.

While it is an often necessary procedure, it will never be a popular ice-breaker at Tupperware parties. 

2 thoughts on “Whoa! He didn’t like that!

  1. Vicky Franks says:

    Thanks for the laugh! Came to your site from Google looking up heartworm information and started browsing. Your info has been helpful. (somebody dropped off a really sweet dog close to my house and I took her to vet – having her treated for heartworms)

  2. Doc says:

    Hello, Vicky,
    Thanks for your kind words. I don’t seem to get around to blogging much these days, but I’m always happy to try to answer questions for folks.

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