Why didn’t my comment show up?

Well, I wish I had known this a long time ago.  I tried to reply to someone's question yesterday and could NOT get it to show up. 

Comments are moderated, which means that I get an email to approve them before they are published.  If they have any general interest, I publish them, and reply when appropriate.  I usually answer two to four questions each day.

What I didn't learn until today is that the hosting site has a bunch of filters that flag stuff as spam for reasons that are not entirely clear to me.  It's great that they stop me from having to deal with Viagra ads and cheap real estate deals.  Unfortunately, I just learned that they are blocking a lot of significant questions that I would be happy to help with.  I found this when the spam filter was blocking my own reply.

When I published my own to the blog, I published some more, but now I can't find them to answer them. If you sent a question recently, please feel free to re-send it.

SO, I apologize for the unanswered questions.  I'll be checking the spam comments folder from now on.

2 thoughts on “Why didn’t my comment show up?

  1. Tammy Ratliff says:

    My female dog 4 yrs old started bleeding 83 days after her normal cycle. Took her to vet they said she had a UTI gave me antibiotics. 5 days later my male dog hung up with her . Called vet an told her what happened. She said they found nothing wrong with her from ultrasound. I asked why did your assistant say it was UTI, and why antibiotics if nothing wrong. Don’t know if there is anything wrong with her now. An if she could be pregnant or what to do .

    • Doc says:

      Hello, Tammy,
      On an ultrasound with a dog having vaginal bleeding, I would be looking for abnormalities in the bladder and in the uterus. If the uterus did not appear enlarged, it could still be the source of the bleeding. In the bladder we would be looking for uneven wall thickness, stones, floating debris. I would be getting a urine specimen directly from the bladder for culture and urinalysis. Also, a swab from the vaginal lining to see if the lining cells are typical of a dog coming into estrum, or looking more like inflammation or infection.

      If the bleeding has stopped, then one would be suspicious that she was having an unusual heat cycle. In that case, if I didn’t ever want to raise puppies, I would just get her spayed. If that is not your desire, then I would have an ultrasound for pregnancy exam 30 days after the breeding date.

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