Another Fine Day

Which should not be confused with Oliver Hardy’s stand-by, "Another Fine Mess".  We had a fun campfire last night at Camp Lewallen. Temp dropped into the thirties, which makes for good sleeping if you’ve got enough sleeping bag, and I did.  "Hey, Doc, have you ever slept cold out on the trail?"  "Nope, never have…I’ve laid awake cold a few times, though."  Walking to chapel in the crisp morning air gave a beautiful view of Mount Logan, respendent in fall colors.  I usually don’t wax eloquent about stuff like that, but it was a fine thing.

My first-aid class went well, after we got through the horse-doctor jokes, and I received good evaluations from the participants.  Since it was my first time to teach it, I was pleased by that, especially since it is a LONG session.

On returning to Kennett, I stopped in at the Delta Children’s Home charity auction, their main yearly fund-raiser.  My wife was taking care of any bidding we needed to do, so I stopped in to check on Scout Troop 272, which was taking care of the food concession.  The few pets boarding looked happy when I stopped by the clinic to walk the dogs.  They all had things under control without me, so I was able to put Ol’ Red on the open road and blow out some more cobwebs. 

My soul feels sweet and clean for the moment.

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