Beautiful day for Scouting

Actually, it’s a beautiful day for anything (except duck-hunting, where you want it to be cold, dark, and raining — what a great hobby!).   The sunshine is great after a few days of rain to test the new roof on the the clinic.  The new roof works great, and I’m glad it’s on the building.  It does kind of gall you a little to spend seven thousand bucks and have everything look basically the same.  I’d much rather have bought some new scope for looking up noses or something.  Oh, well…

It’s back to Camp Lewallen again for me tonight.  I’ll be teaching a class on First Aid to new Scout leaders at Basic Leader Training.  No jokes about horse doctors, please.  I feel a little like Groucho in "Day at the Races", but I’ll put my game face on.  It’s worth it to camp in Spring Hollow with some kindred spirits.

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