Any day you can sing is a good day.

A day when someone actually ASKS you to sing is even better. Today a client asked how my brothers and their families were getting along.  I had to regale him with the story of my nephew Max and the Wild West Arts Convention and the his Guinness Book of Records appearance.  That then got into how Max is really more interested in "Ice Road Truckers" than he is in cowboys.  In turn, that led to reminiscing about all the old westerns that were on TV when we were growing up and how kids nowadays don’t see any of that. They don’t grow up steeped in the mythos of the Great American West.

That brought the client to reminisce about the TV shows that HE missed, specifically the George Reeves "Superman" shows and the Mighty Mouse cartoons.  Then he made the mistake of trying to feebly hit a few bars of the Mighty Mouse theme. "I can sing that, you know, but I won’t subject you to it."  "I’d kind of like to hear it."  Man, you don’t have to ask me twice.

Mightymouse How often does someone actually ask you to sing the Mighty Mouse theme song?

"Here I come to save the day!" It certainly went a long way towards saving mine.

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