Back from EPCOT

Pumpkin_mickey_2 It’s good to be getting back to a little bit of a normal routine again.  The blog has been rather neglected as we prepared for, went on, and recovered from a trip to Orlando, Florida.  I hadn’t been away from my office for 24 hours since April, so I was indeed glad of a break.

Blair_tourguide_2 My daughter is in the midst of a seven-month graduate internship at "The Land" in EPCOT at Disney World.  We’ll miss seeing her at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we made the pilgrimage to visit her last week.  She’s having a great time, but also working very hard.  The Mouse is a stern master.

Gator_blair_2 Most of her hands-on work is in the experimental greenhouse, home of "aeroponics".  She takes her turn at  tour-desk duty, and at giving the "Behind the Seeds" tour through all the green-house facilities, including the aquaculture displays.  Here she is with the baby gators (just a little outside her field of plant science).

Family_and_tomato_tree_2 We spent two and a half days at Disney, spending the evenings with Blair, and of course, taking her tour (which was terrific!).  I also got to take the Jungle Cruise (my childhood dream) and hear the Dapper Dans (barbershop quartet — my favorite a capella close harmony music).  No telling what we spent, even though we didn’t buy any souvenirs.    Seeing my daughter in her current habitat — priceless, as they say.

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