Buddy made it.

Buddy went home under his own power today.  He’s still got a headache, and a little congestion in his left lung, but it looks like he’s going to be okay.

As often happens, when we make a mistake, we look for somebody else to blame. [I spilled my hot coffee, so I’ll sue McDonald’s.]  Buddy’s mama was pretty upset by how fast the driver was going when Buddy ran in front of them.  While she was out of the room, her husband said, "If you were going to stick your head in front of a car, I wonder what speed you could stand?"  I hope his wife isn’t reading this — we might find out how much frying pan your head could stand.

It’s natural to want somebody else to be at fault, but really: cars are big, dogs are small.  If the driver had been going ten miles an hour, Buddy’s head would have still taken quite the whack.  Use a leash.

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