Stay out of the road, Buddy.

Hbc_head_trauma Here’s "Buddy".  He’s a house dog… most of the time.  Tonight he went out with Mama and no leash.  He decided to play that super fun game: "You can’t catch me".  Like most dogs, he failed to check the playing field for cars.

So, I’ve been here for about three hours.   His biggest problem is a cerebral concussion.  He was a little shocky at first, but responded rapidly to I.V. fluids.  He was crying, but the morphine seems to have taken care of that.  We have his head elevated so his little brain doesn’t swell so much.  So far his blood pressure, body temperature, and lung sounds are stable.  If he continues stable (and it looks like he will), at some point I’ll be moving him back to a cage with a continuous slow I.V. drip with a dash of morphine. Then we just have to hope his body will regroup.  He doesn’t have any fractures and no signs of internal bleeding yet.  Just got to get the brain back on-line.

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