Calm before the storm.

Lone_ranger_and_tonto Yesterday morning, our schedule was unusually light.  It put me in mind of a conversation between the legendary masked rider of the plains and his faithful Indian companion."Ugh, plenty quiet around here, Kemo Sabe.  Yes, Tonto, too quiet." 

That was not a problem today.  Combine a full appointment schedule, plus people who are afraid you won’t be here on the weekend (I will), and a couple of genuine emergencies, and you’ve got a full day.  Yes, we were open twice as many hours today, but we saw five times as many patients, and did ten times the work.    Okay, we were open a little more than twice as many hours – 20 minutes for lunch and a 10-hour day. Kudos to the staff — I couldn’t do it without them.

You know what they say: Better to wear out than to rust out.  No rust here, kids.

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