Labor Day thoughts

People make a lot of jokes about not working on Labor Day.  Drive around town and you see plenty of people working, though.   I typically cover the clinic chores on holidays. I feel that I need to check on the patients that are here, so I might as well clean up after them, too and let the staff have the day off.  They’ll cover for me sometime when I can’t be here. 

I’ve only had a couple of emergencies today, so I got much of the day off.  Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays, simply because there’s no agenda for the day.  I don’t have to get to or help host a family dinner, no trip out of town, no gala celebration or concert to set up.  I actually take part of the day off and catch up on some things just for myself without having to shoe-horn them into stolen hours.

The diabetic cat will still get it’s insulin injections on time, but I was able to start tinkering to find out why my running lights are not working on Old Red.  So far, I only know some things that aren’t the problem.  That’s a little too much like being back at work.   

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