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You should spay your dog while she’s young and healthy.

Because if you don’t, this is the sort of thing that can happen.  Tinker Belle is a fourteen years old, seventeen pound Rat Terrier.   They never got around to spaying her.   She has had two breast tumors removed in the last three months, one malignant, and one pre-cancerous.   Her owners asked if there was anything […]

Credit given where credit is due.

When my wife read yesterday’s post on "Anal Sac Problems", she asked rather skeptically, "Is Butt-so-Fresh a real product?" Well, yes and no.  You definitely need to deodorize the pet’s hindquarters after the anal sacs discharge and there are products which will do the job, fortunately.  Butt-so-Fresh, however, is not one of them.  My boyhood […]