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Cat-bite Abscesses

Cats have disagreements.  Diplomacy often fails to resolve these (if it's ever tried), resulting in physical altercations.  Most of this involves a lot of swatting with claws.  In fact, even a cat who has been de-clawed for years will usually instinctively slap you before he thinks to bite you (fortunately for my nose).  They do […]

Head Trauma

This is Junior.  If he looks a little "out of it", then this is a really good picture.  Junior is a Bassett Hound, led astray by an old English Bulldog.  They both left the yard, but Junior got too far out into the street.  [What,no fence, you say?  Yeah, no fence.  "You pays your money […]

Dogs swallow needles.

Why do dogs swallow needles?  As Sir Edmund Hillary said about Everest, “…because it’s there.”  Oddly enough, if they actually get a needle or pin swallowed, more often than not, it just passes on through and comes out in the stool.  Under most (NOT ALL) circumstances, the intestinal tract recoils from those sharp points and […]