Coming attractions

Short post, as I’ve had a long day, and a short night coming and another long day tomorrow.  After working until 2:00 PM, I checked on my Mom and then spent my second stint parking cars at the Delta Fair until 10:00 PM (Thursday was my first shift).  Our Boy Scout Troop and Venture Crew park cars all week as their major fund-raiser.  The more they raise on their own, the less I have to ask from Kiwanis.  I figure it’s easier to support the unit leaders I have than to try and find new ones.  Sure is hard on the feet, though.

Tomorrow, I head for Beaumont Scout Reservation to get recertified on my Challenge Course and Rock Climbing/Rappelling training.  Eight hours of driving for six hours of training. Yahoo!  If I weren’t the only leader in Cherokee District with the credentials, I might let them lapse.  I do enjoy the activities, just not the driving.

Soon I’ll be back with the tale of "Sandy and the giant slime-ball".  Stay tuned.

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