Demodex follow-up returns

Back 5 wk (2) At our four weeks follow-up, Ellie Mae was a lot better.  This picture is a re-run from that last visit.  Today, at 7 weeks of treatment,  she looks almost normal from a distance.  Her skin isn't lumpy-bumpy anymore.  It's obvious that her new hair is shorter than her old hair, but that's not a problem.  She's feeling a lot better, too.

Ellie Mae 7 back You can see a big difference here in the top view.  What you can't see is that there are still quite a few patches where the hair is thin.  Still, even in those patches, I had to do three different skin scrapings before I found one single adult mite.  Contrast that with her first visit where a single scraping produced a multitude of mites in all life stages.

Our end-point will be a combination of normal-looking skin and no mites detected, plus two more weeks of treatment.  I think we're getting there.

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