Eclampsia revisited

Eclampsia_two_2 I just recently posted on eclampsia.  I bet I hadn’t seen a case in six months, maybe a year.  Tonight I had the third case in two weeks, and all of them pretty good sized dogs. This kid is supposed to be a Chihuahua, but she weighed fifteen pounds.  Jugs_two_2 Of course, maybe five pounds of that was a killer set of jugs. At least she had the decency (luck) to have her crisis during office hours.

More_eclampsia2 This is Minnie, tonight’s star attraction.  She looks like she’s mostly Dachshund, but fortunately she has longer legs, so it was easier to start her I.V. More_jugs2

Minnie is sporting a big rack, as well.  She was eating mostly table food, and mostly meat, at that.  Meat: it’s high in phosphorus (which pulls calcium) and zero in calcium.  I’m not saying she would have avoided this problem by eating a good puppy food, but she might have.   

The real question is, how do I avoid this problem?  I’ve got stuff I need to do at home… like sleep.

1 thoughts on “Eclampsia revisited

  1. jennifer bennett says:

    I’m sure the dogs really are sorry that they could’t have come to you during working hours instead of inconveniencing you while you could be sleeping. I’m sure they are thankful that you saved their lives, though.

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