On my honor…

Bsalogo I’ve posted on this before, but two things happened this week to bring it to mind.  The first was a meeting with ten new Scouts (and five older ones).   As usual, my question "What is your honor?" was met with blank stares.  As usual, I was dismayed (but no longer surprised).  A few boys essayed an answer, but none had a clue.  Thirty minutes later, I think maybe they had a glimmer of this currently unfashionable concept — a concept that was part of the universal consciousness perhaps a generation or two ago.

The second thing was an article in today’s Wall Street Journal:  "Girl Scouts Seek an Image Makeover".   "The Girl Scouts was started in 1912 as a way to give girls more opportunities outside the home.  It has since focused more on helping girls work together in groups and develop leadership skills.  The Girl Scouts has long offered programs on everything from running a business to mountain climbing."  They see their problem as an old-fashioned image that isn’t reaching tech-savvy teenage girls who are "non-joiners".  They’ve added programs on topics such as managing busy schedules and on-line bullying to better reflect current issues.

I have to wonder if they’ll be successful.  I hope they attract girls to the traditional values, rather than adapting the organization’s image to the currently popular values (if "values" is the right word).  I think that’s the goal, and it’s a great organization.

My own feeling is that there are lots of places (even the internet) to learn this or that.  There aren’t many places to have fun while learning those old-fashioned values that mold character.  Character is what you do when nobody’s looking.  Too many people today don’t think that’s important.

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  1. Sheila says:

    We need more honor these days, less “fashionable fluff”. Keep up the good work. I fear the day when nobody understands the concepts of honor or integrity.

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