Fledgling birds

Nest_2 Here’s our annual bird’s nest in the kennel window, sheltered under the eaves.  We’ve seen the momma sitting, and flying back and forth.  It’s empty now, which I wouldn’t have noticed, as we try not to bother them, but a fledgling nearly landed on me when I got out of the truck this afternoon.  Soon the calls will be coming.

Fledgling_2_2 "I’ve just found this baby bird that’s fallen out of the nest.  What should I do?"  Leave it alone.  This fledlging bird is too big to stay in the nest, fully feathered, an "adventurous teenager", not a helpless baby anymore.  So she hopped out and is learning to hop around and fly.  Mother is nearby and watching her, bringing food when necessary.  If you pick her up, she’ll just hop out of the nest again. If you take her in the house, you have drastically reduced her chances for survival. You’re not a very experienced at finishing her "raising", and teaching her to survive in the great outdoors.  She probably won’t survive your good intentions.

"What if I cat or dog finds her?"  That will be bad, but we can’t really police the law of the jungle.  When minding our own business increases the chance of survival, that’s what we need to do.

If you find a little downy chick of a baby bird, it’s okay to put them back in the nest.  The mother bird WILL NOT reject them because you have touched them.  If you can find the nest, do put them back in.  It is possible to hand rear the birds, but without seeking good information on how-to, and making a significant commitment, you will not succeed.

We all want to make a difference, but sometimes the best thing you can do is to mind your own business and let the birds mind theirs.

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