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Thanks_2_badge Here’s a link to a story about my wife’s receiving the "Thanks II" award for her work in Girl Scouting.   [Third from the left, back row,the only lady in uniform]  I cannot adequately describe how proud I am of what she does, and how much I appreciate her.

Yesterday, I went up to Camp Lewallen to run the climbing tower for our Cherokee District camporee.  The camp-master gave me an "attaboy" at the campfire that night, describing me as a "long-time Scouter".  I’m only working on my tenth year, here.  Compared to my better half, I’m a just a newbie. 

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  1. Sheila says:

    Congrats and thanks to Libby for her work with Girl Scouts. To have received this Thanks II award, ranking up there with the likes of Bid Miles, is indeed an indication of a huge body of work toward the betterment of our world. I am approaching 50 years old, and I still routinely draw on some of the lessons I learned from Bid Miles when she was our troop leader for most of our scouting years. We owe these women a huge community thanks for their efforts to provide quality leadership for the future.

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