“Letter to the Editor”? Did not see that coming.

I was a little surprised to find my last post about our animal control situation printed in the Daily Dunklin Democrat newspaper as a letter to the editor.  I'm not upset, just surprised, as they didn't talk to me about it, and I didn't send it to them.  Of course, anything on the internet is fair game, so no worries.

There were two reasons I didn't send it to the newspaper.   The first is that I figure people who read my blog are at least half-way interested in what I have to say, whereas the general public may not be.

The second is that I thought my discussion was too long to be printed as a letter to the editor.  Since the whole point of the discussion was trying to be balanced, I really didn't want things cut out willy-nilly.

The post was printed in its entirety, without any editorial changes (at least I think so; I might have missed a typo).  I'm pretty sure it took up more space than the original coverage of the city council meeting.  Slow news day, I guess.

Some surprises are okay.


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