People Helping Pets this Christmas

Pet Angel TreeAt this holiday time of year, we think about giving and receiving gifts, and about helping those in need.  Kennett’s Humane Officer, Tena Petix, has been going above the call of duty in helping the animals in her care.  Dr. Mobley and Dr. Brigance and the whole team at Kennett Veterinary Clinic are helping her help again this year with “The Pet Angel Tree”.

 During the month of December, you can bring a donation for the shelter animals to Kennett Veterinary Clinic at 1704 Saint Francis Street on the west end of Kennett.  Donations can be monetary, food, treats, towels, blankets, or pet-toys.  When you bring in a donation, your name will go up on the The Pet Angel Tree, and you will receive a $5.00 credit toward your own pet’s next examination at Kennett Veterinary Clinic.

 For the last four Decembers, clients responded by donating generously.  We’d love to see even more this year.

KVC Xmas 2014So help the animals (and help your own pet) by bringing a donation to The Pet Angel Tree at Kennett Veterinary Clinic, on Saint Francis St., on the west side of Kennett.

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  1. Doc says:

    Hello, Daniela,

    If the tooth is so loose that you could pull it with your fingers, I would go ahead and pull it out. Every time he bite down and moves it, it feels like “running on a sprained ankle”.

    Gum disease can make it loose, and it may come out with all three roots intact.

    If it is broken, you won’t get all three roots. Roots that are still in the jaw will develop an abscess after the tooth has been broken. Those roots should be extracted, as should any broken or obviously loose teeth.

    If there is something that is loose and wiggling all over the place, and the dog will let you remove it, I would go ahead and do so. Save it in a ziploc bag so that when you go to the veterinarian he can tell you if it is the whole tooth.

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