Phone lines are out of order

If I were just punching the clock, I might think how great it is not to be troubled by the phone.  What a great chance to catch up the paperwork… or play solitaire.

Unfortunately, we are all here prepared to care for our patients and no way to communicate with them. Being idle is no fun when you KNOW there's work to be done.  With our AT&T land line service dead as a hammer, our clients just think we've left for the day, or maybe we're too lazy to answer the phone.

The lines went dead yesterday afternoon.  Dr. Brigance called in a repair request on her cell-phone.  When I called to check on the status of the repair order, I found nothing.  SO, I submitted another repair request and a computer-generated voice assured me that my service would be restored by 7:00 PM Saturday evening.

Well, great.  We're here, crying in the wilderness.

1 thoughts on “Phone lines are out of order

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