Scouting Musical Chairs

Dcplaque__2_ The Cherokee District scouters held their annual recognition dinner tonight. It was  a lovely banquet.   I have been the District Commissioner for three (and a half) years.  Tonight I got my walking papers (okay, it’s a wooden plaque).

Of course, our district’s volunteers are a great bunch, but they’re not a big bunch.  That means it’s a bit like musical chairs when you finish your tenure in one position.  You know the old "good news-bad news" joke:  "Men, I have very good news for you. Today, after three weeks in the trenches with no new supplies,  we will get a change of uniform.  The bad news: Hans, you change with Fritz.  Otto, you change with Wolfgang…"

So, while no longer the District Commissioner, now I’m the new Assistant District Commissioner and the Membership Chairman… plus a few other things.  It’s just like that old blue-grass Scouter’s song: "I am a man of constant Scouting".

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