Your daily pet food recall update

Man, am I sick of this stuff.  News reports tell us that dog biscuits made by Sunshine Mills and marketed under many names, including Ol’ Roy, are recalled.  No reports of illness yet, but they bought their wheat gluten from one of the sources labelled as suspected of contamination.  Throw out the rest of the bag, even if your dog has eaten half of it already.  What a mess.  As usual, I’ve updated the KVC webpage with the links.

2 thoughts on “Your daily pet food recall update

  1. smays says:

    Dr. Mobley:

    Are you aware of any list of foods that are known to be safe? Is there ANYTHING –commercial or not– that someone can safely feed their pet?

  2. Everett Mobley, D.V.M. says:

    Wheat gluten is used primarily as a texturing agent, but also as a source of protein. Most other protein sources are more readily available and easier to work with, so it tends to not be used in dry foods and most canned foods.

    I think that in general all dry foods are going to be okay.

    At this point, even the little guys like Sunshine Mills are realizing that they need to get on board with a policy of transparency. It’s becoming obvious that stone-walling isn’t a good policy and being the last man standing who bought Chinese gluten is not going to be a good place to be.

    It is my opinion that the recalls are going to all be out in the open pretty soon.

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