Monthly Archives: December 2006

Can’t we put off this dental cleaning for a while?

Well, let’s ask Cookie here, shall we?  She’s a cute little Dachshund, about seven years old.  We look forward to another seven years with her if things go well. Two years ago she had her teeth cleaned.  She had some deep periodontal pockets, which were filled with Doxirobe to help things re-attach.  There wasn’t much […]

More Christmas Eve

There is a small balcony overlooking the sanctuary in the First Presbyterian Church.  Tradition holds that it was built (a hundred years ago) to seat the hired help who came to worship with (though not seated with) the rest of the congregation.  One ascends to this lofty, if somewhat cramped, perch by a narrow, spiral […]

Zoonotic Ectoparasites

I started to put this under "Strange Beliefs".  People think that veterinarians know everything. Somewhere between the Encyclopedia Britannica and Google, the veterinarian was(is) the resource to rely on.  I’ve been called at night by a person wanting to know if polar bears eat penguins or fish (polar bears=North pole, penguins=South pole — trick question; […]