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Resorptive Lesions in Cat Teeth – FORLs

We used to call these FORLs – Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions.  The dental specialists decided to drop "feline" because they started finding them in dogs, too.  Odontoclastic referred to cells that work at reabsorbing the roots of baby teeth so that the permanent teeth can come in. Since we now realize that we don't actually […]

The most amazing orthopedic surgery, and the most amazing cookies

Several months ago, Oliver broke his left front leg, both bones, and right above his wrist.  With  both bones broken, a splint or cast was unlikely to give good results, so we felt he needed orthopedic surgery.  The problem was, the lower fragments were so small, there wasn't much to grab onto.   The other problem […]

The Story of Jude, KHD’s Famous Gunshot-wound Case

This is one of those crazy things.  We’ve seen lots of dogs with severe wounds that needed help, lots of nasty messes.  Officer Petix has posted pictures of a lot of damaged animals.  What is it that makes a particular case “speak” to people?  Why does this guy generate 300,000 shares and an outpouring of […]

“Mr. Bill” Westbrook, gentleman of the dance.

For some time now, I’ve been thinking about a series of blog entries that would profile people who have really enriched my life.  While I have been very fortunate to enjoy the support and friendship of many people, there are some who stand out as giving me something I couldn’t (or didn’t) find anywhere else. […]