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The most amazing orthopedic surgery, and the most amazing cookies

Several months ago, Oliver broke his left front leg, both bones, and right above his wrist.  With  both bones broken, a splint or cast was unlikely to give good results, so we felt he needed orthopedic surgery.  The problem was, the lower fragments were so small, there wasn't much to grab onto.   The other problem […]

Fasting for 12 hours before anesthesia

We always tell folks to take away the pet's food the night before any procedure that will require anesthetic:  surgery, dental cleanings or extractions, whatever.  If the patient will be unconscious in the hospital, we want an empty stomach.  If you take away any food twelve hours before the procedure, that usually gets us an […]

The case of the dog who ate the non-food item.

Eating non-food items is a big problem in pets.  It happens so often that I am amazed at how seldom I have to do surgery to remedy the situation.  Frequently the animal vomits up the item.  Sometimes it passes all the way through. In September, we were all set to do surgery for an intestinal […]

What is a safe anesthetic?

What is a safe anesthetic?   I’d have to say that it’s one you wake up from without any apparent damage.   OH… you meant which anesthetic is safe for your pet?  Well, that is a good question.  I have heard anesthetics described as poisons, and that seems a bit extreme.  On the other hand, if they […]

Enlarged Spleen of the century

When a dog-owner calls and says that his dog is dribbling a little urine, you think of the usual suspects: weak bladder sphincter, bladder infection, bladder stones, neurological problems.  You do NOT think of an enlarged spleen. Max (this is his post-surgery photo) is a Mastiff mix.  He's about 8 years old (a guess, as […]