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Over-the-Counter Pain Medicines for Dogs? Not so much, no.

 Dogs tend to be good-natured and stoic, and often conceal their pain.  Many times we find older patients who have really painful arthritis, and the owner describes the problem, as:  “Well, he’s slowing down some.  Just getting old.” A short round of anti-inflammatory pain medicine sometimes reveals that he wasn’t “just getting old” – he […]

What is a safe anesthetic?

What is a safe anesthetic?   I’d have to say that it’s one you wake up from without any apparent damage.   OH… you meant which anesthetic is safe for your pet?  Well, that is a good question.  I have heard anesthetics described as poisons, and that seems a bit extreme.  On the other hand, if they […]

Pain is Nature’s Way of saying “Don’t do that.”

When one of my patients isn't using a leg, it's usually because it hurts.  If something hurts,  I try to stop doing it.  That pain is a signal that I'm making it worse, and I'll slow down the healing (or prevent it). Hey, but what about those times when you know something is wrong, but […]

De-clawing Cats — What do you mean, you “don’t think he’s hurting?”

Some days I think I am a great communicator.  Heaven knows, I love to listen to me talking.  Then there are days like today. De-clawing is a major surgery for the cat (pretty routine for me).  I don’t feel it is something to be entered into lightly, or to be considered "minor" in any way.  […]