DON’T Stop the treatment too soon.

Last night was the third night out of six that I didn't get to bed until after midnight.  Man, I didn't do that when I was in college.  I've got lots of things to post, just not enough time to sit around at the computer.

Eyelids stinky (2) Hey, remember this kid from a previous post?  Too much cortisone in treating the allergy let her demodectic mange mites go crazy, with secondary skin infections.  She came back in today because her skin has been "breaking out a little" in the last two weeks.  The good news is that she looks pretty great now, compared to our last visit.  In fact, the owner says that she was looking great after two weeks of treatment. So, since she looked so great, they stopped treating after two weeks.  Sure, sure, I told them we would have to treat until she looked good, and the mites were gone on skin scrapings, and for two more weeks after that .  But, hey, she looked great!

Stinky healed (2) Actually, she still looks pretty great, especially compared to our last visit.  On the other hand, she has a few little sore places, and they are full of active demodex mites.  They shouldn't have stopped the meds, but they did.  Now they are starting back on again.  Maybe I can convince them to stay the course this time.  At least she's not so bad this time, just a few zits really.  Of course, all that mongo cortisone dose is finally worn off now, so we have a little clearer picture of the dog's actual condition.

If you've got a drawer full of medicine you didn't finish out, why is that?  Who did you save it for?

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