Don’t use soft rubber dog toys.

Louie (2) This is Louie.  About five days ago, he had a vomiting spell.  We couldn’t find anything on physical examination.  His vaccination history is good, and his stool exam was negative.  An X-ray didn’t show anything, so we thought he might have a little intestinal infection.  Hey, maybe he ate some garbage.  So, we gave some anti-vomiting medication, sent home some antibiotics.   He didn’t vomit again until today.  He also didn’t eat anything solid in the last five days, and has lost from 6 pounds down to 5.7.  Whoops.

On today’s examination, I can feel a lump in his belly that I couldn’t feel before.  The ultrasound gives no more information than the X-ray.  My good old fingers can feel something for sure, though.  So where were you guys five days ago?

The problem (2) I thought it might be an intussussception, but I was wrong.  It’s your good old GIFB (gastro-intestinal foreign body, i.e. a non-food item).  The intestine holding it (plus the previous six inches) is really nasty purple-black looking.   That’s why we took it out along with the FB.  It feels like a piece of rubber hose, but it isn’t.

The nose (2) “Hey, does Louie have a toy elephant at home?…He does?… Have you noticed that the elephant’s trunk is missing?…You have?…But you didn’t think Louie had it?”

This is why soft rubber dog toys are not a great idea for puppies.  It’s also why I’m working late again tonight.  Don’t worry about Louie, though.  He doesn’t need that intestine.  He’ll be fine… if he doesn’t do it again.

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