Pet food recall continues:

On a much smaller scale, thankfully.  Two of the four new ones are in Canada and South Africa.  One is an expansion of the original Menu Foods list.   Only one seems to be a new player, and I must admit I’d never heard of them before: Blue Buffalo.  As usual, I’ve added the new links to the old KVC webpages.

I’d hoped to write about my trip tonight, but that may have to wait a day or so.  I’ve shoveled my desk down some, but still lots of backlog to take care of.  Stay tuned.

1 thoughts on “Pet food recall continues:

  1. darlene says:

    hello I found your excellant and informative site whilst looking for info on Aural Hematomas[of the canine variety}. My “Monster”,bordercollie-lab mix, he of the headshaking, dingbat species had a surgery for the same aforementioned problem, not 2 weeks ago, pie sutures and all[no drainage tube in there?}.. now its recurred. Here’s my problem, I’m poor{no money..and it was all I could do to pay for the last round, I just cant afford another surgery. Can I just leave this to heal on its own? I understand it can just keep recurring. He,s an active healthy Beautiful dog Should I ask my vet to just manually drain off fluid, then prednisone treatment? Will this condition recur continuously? Have dogs ever had to have their ears [pinna] amputated? He does not have infections in his ears FYI. Can I or should I Duct-tape his ear to his head to keep him from shaking[stop him from causing furthur damage]after any further treatment? [sounds crazy but my vet said she’s done it before}{some fashion statement that’ll be} Thanking you for any advice and keep up the great work on the site[where do you find the time?]

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