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Veterinary Medicine at the Career Fair

In a nearby small town, the counselor organizes a “career fair” every two years.  She doesn’t call on the same professions each time, as she presents the program to the entire body of middle school and high school students.  No point hearing about the same career twice, especially if you didn’t want to hear it […]

Flood waters cause abandonment of animals – ASPCA to the rescue… and me.

Lots of flooding in the Caruthersville, Missouri area, even before they dynamited the levee upstream.  Many people left and abandoned their animals.  Last week the Humane Society of Missouri rescued a horse from a flooded area by putting  a sling between two boats.  The problem has gotten worse since then. Today, the A.S.P.C.A. is here […]

Menagerie Fire – Day 5

Big Brownie has got some liver problems: really high bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase.  Ultrasound of her liver doesn't look bad.  Gall bladder is really full, but you expect that when she doesn't have much appetite. She acts bright and okay, attitude-wise.  She is coughing some, despite her good-looking chest X-rays.  Today she got a visit […]

Menagerie Fire – Day 3

The saga continues.   Today some reptile rescue folks came down from St.Louis to take charge of the turtles, tortoises, snakes, and gators.  They were surprised to find that the reported "six-foot alligators" were actually six feet long.  Usually they find that reports of reptile size tend to be seriously exaggerated… but not this time. Apparently, […]

When the problem changes, re-evaluate the diagnosis.

And the diagnosis is:   I do not know.  One thing seems evident:  it wasn’t a hematoma (ruptured blood vessel).   Things really changed in the next two days after I posted last on my poor hand.  The swelling became greater, the finger more red, and a spot near the first bend in my finger started turning […]