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When the problem changes, re-evaluate the diagnosis.

And the diagnosis is:   I do not know.  One thing seems evident:  it wasn’t a hematoma (ruptured blood vessel).   Things really changed in the next two days after I posted last on my poor hand.  The swelling became greater, the finger more red, and a spot near the first bend in my finger started turning […]

Pain is Nature’s Way of saying “Don’t do that.”

When one of my patients isn't using a leg, it's usually because it hurts.  If something hurts,  I try to stop doing it.  That pain is a signal that I'm making it worse, and I'll slow down the healing (or prevent it). Hey, but what about those times when you know something is wrong, but […]

Hill’s Science Diet – great nutrition, lousy merchandising

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post on why I carry the Hill's Science Diets and prescription diets.  I still have confidence in the nutrition.  On the other hand, I am losing patience with their merchandising practices. They used to be pretty plain vanilla.  If you were feeding a growing puppy, you bought […]

We’re sorry to keep you waiting. Your visit is important to us.

How many times have you been sitting on hold and heard some variation of that?  How many times did it make you feel better?  I've posted before on my appointment schedule getting way behind.  Today was another one of those days when the list we started with became irrelevant to what was actually going on. […]