Monthly Archives: June 2008

Dogs swallow needles.

Why do dogs swallow needles?  As Sir Edmund Hillary said about Everest, “…because it’s there.”  Oddly enough, if they actually get a needle or pin swallowed, more often than not, it just passes on through and comes out in the stool.  Under most (NOT ALL) circumstances, the intestinal tract recoils from those sharp points and […]

Comfortis + High-dose Ivermectin = Adverse Drug Reaction

I've been thinking about getting started with Comfortis.  We're looking for more information.  I don't think that Comfortis users should panic, but if your dog needed to take extremely high doses of ivermectin (as in being treated for demodectic mange, not as in Heartgard-30), extreme caution is indicated.  Here's a news release: FDA warns of […]