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What else can I do with my itchy dog?

One of our readers writes: I have 2 Chihuahuas, one weighs 10 pounds and the other weighs 15 pounds.  They both have the same symptoms: scratching, biting and pulling out hair.  My vet gave them  both a long-acting cortisone injection June 1st,  and the symptoms stopped.   On July 2 they started again.  I waited until […]

What is a safe anesthetic?

What is a safe anesthetic?   I’d have to say that it’s one you wake up from without any apparent damage.   OH… you meant which anesthetic is safe for your pet?  Well, that is a good question.  I have heard anesthetics described as poisons, and that seems a bit extreme.  On the other hand, if they […]

After the Puppies are Born

Care of the Bitch after Whelping Pregnancy and nursing puppies constitute a severe strain on the mother’s health.  Though most mothers handle the task admirably, the wise owner can take certain precautions to protect the health of both mother and puppies.  Consider these important points in post-natal care. Diet: Feed a growth diet (Science Diet […]

Removing Painful Teeth is Worth the Trouble

I got excited this week.  I got excited because I got the opportunity to fix something that really needed fixing.  You might think that happens all the time, but you don't always see such a great opportunity to handle a painful situation in such a rapid fashion. This is Dawson.  When his loving owner "inherited" […]