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Demodex Mites live in the hair follicle.

This little guy has localized demodecosis.  He doesn't look bad at all, not like generalized demodecosis (aka, "red mange"). This is the "spot case" type of demodectic mange that almost always is self-limiting, i.e. the dog recovers whether you treat him or not.  Since I've already talked about this at length in previous posts, why […]

When the problem changes, re-evaluate the diagnosis.

And the diagnosis is:   I do not know.  One thing seems evident:  it wasn’t a hematoma (ruptured blood vessel).   Things really changed in the next two days after I posted last on my poor hand.  The swelling became greater, the finger more red, and a spot near the first bend in my finger started turning […]

Pain is Nature’s Way of saying “Don’t do that.”

When one of my patients isn't using a leg, it's usually because it hurts.  If something hurts,  I try to stop doing it.  That pain is a signal that I'm making it worse, and I'll slow down the healing (or prevent it). Hey, but what about those times when you know something is wrong, but […]

Enlarged Spleen of the century

When a dog-owner calls and says that his dog is dribbling a little urine, you think of the usual suspects: weak bladder sphincter, bladder infection, bladder stones, neurological problems.  You do NOT think of an enlarged spleen. Max (this is his post-surgery photo) is a Mastiff mix.  He's about 8 years old (a guess, as […]